4th Grade Instrument Project


Create a webpage that features an instrument of the orchestra.  Your page should have the following:
  1. A Title
  2. At least 2 images of your insrument
  3. One paragraph that has at least 3 facts about your instrument.
  4. A background image or color.
  5. Bibliographic information and links to websites or books where you found your information.

Samples and Worksheets:
Research Sheet Instrument Sound Clip Links
Sample page by Mr. Michaud Dallas Symphony Orchestra Instrument Facts

You will use Mozilla Composer or Frontpage to complete your project. 

To insert images to your webpage:

From images on Nebomusic.net:
  1. Click on this link: Instrument Images.
  2. Find the picture you want to use.
  3. Highlight and Copy the URL of the picture.
  4. Go to your webpage.
  5. Select "Insert->Image"
  6. Paste the URL into the "Image Location" box.
  7. Type an alternate text (Name of the instrument)
  8. Click "OK"
  9. Resize picture as needed.
*** Note:  Only use this method on images found on nebomusic.net.  Do not use this method to take pictures from other websites.  Linking to images on other outside websites is considered improper and is not an accepted way of managing images on your website.***

From images found on the internet (outside of Nebomusic.net)
  1. Find the picture you wish to use.
  2. Make note of the bibliographic information (where you found the picture)
  3. Right Click on the picture
  4. Select "Save Image As"
  5. Save the picture to your folder (the same folder where you are creating your webpage.)
  6. Go to your webpage.
  7. Select "Insert->Image"
  8. Navigate to where you saved your picture.
  9. Select our picture.
  10. Type an alternate text (Name of instrument)
  11. Click "OK"
  12. Resize picture as needed.
***Note: Make sure you have the bibliographic information available.  You must cite your work when taking/using images from other sites.***

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