Ice Animation Explorers I
July 5th to 8th, 2011

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Project #3: Pong

1. Must have a paddle that the user controls with the mouse.
2. Must have a ball that moves on its own and bounces off the edges of the world.
3. Ball must bounce off the paddle.

1. Design a "Breakout" like game where the ball hits bricks in a wall.  The bricks disappear and score is kept.
2. The ball bounces off the paddle in an angle of reflection that is equal to the angle of attack.
3. Use random statements to vary the ball angle when it bounces off the paddle.

Step by Step Pong Directions

Code samples for Pong

Balloon Pop Game

1.  Create Balloons that drop from the top of the screen in random order.
2.  Balloons "Pop" when touching the arrow.
3.  When User presses the Space Key, the arrow is shot from the Wizard.
4.  Wizard moves with Space Bar.

1.  Add a variable for Score
2.  Vary the speed of the Balloons.

Scripts for Balloon Pop Game Project
Detailed Instructions for Balloon Pop Game Project

Spinner Art (Screensaver Program)

1. Have a Sprite that spins stamps itself on stage.
2. Spinning Sprite glides around to random spots around stage - leaving a stamped trail.
3. When "space" key is pressed - the stamp effects clear the stage.

1. When "c" key is pressed - the colors of the Stamper Sprite change.
2. Give use other keys to change the Stamper Sprite's costume.

Sample of Spinner Art Program

Code samples for Spinner Art Program

Shape Drawing Robot  (Polygon Robot)

1. Create a Sprite.
2. Write scripts that direct your sprite to draw a square, circle, triangle.
3. Create buttons that the user selects to direct the sprite to draw the shapes.
4. Combine the scripts to have the sprite draw a basic house.

1. Use variables to allow the user to change the size of the shapes.
2. Create user interface to allow user to change the number of sides of the shapes to create polygons.
3. Write scripts to allow the robot to draw more complex shapes such as stars and flowers.

Detailed instructions for Polygon Robot Program

Rubric for Grading the Advanced Polygon Robot Program

Example of Advanced Polygon Robot Program

Project #1:  "Chasing/Eating" (Pac Man Type Game)

1. Game must have a main character that the user moves about the screen using the arrow keys on the keyboard.
2. There must be "food" that the character eats.  The food will disapear after the character eats it.
3. The game area must have a maze that the main character must "bounce" off when it touches the maze.

1. The game keeps score based on the number of food eaten.
2. Ghosts or evil characters chase the main character.
3  System for keeping track of the lives of the main character.

Code samples for Chasing/Eating
Step By Step Instructions for Chasing/Eating

Animation and Dance

Dance Animation Sample Scripts

Mr. Michaud's Example of Mozart's Eine Kliene 1st Movement

Project #20: Reaction Timer Game

1.  Create a "Main Sprite"  (The Cat) to play a sound and measure in seconds how fast the user can click the space bar.
2.  Display the user's time in seconds.
3.  Ask the user if they wish to play again.

1.  Show a ruler and a hand grabbing the ruler as it falls.

Code Samples for Reaction Timer (Scrambled Code)

We Do Projects and Scripts

Spinner and Top Project

More Sample We Do Projects

We Do Alligator with Distance Sensor Scripts

We Do Alligator Game with Tilt Sensor Scripts

We Do Crane Simulator Program Scripts

We Do Flight Simulator Program Scripts

Tilt Sensor Controlling Direction:

Distance Sensor Controlling Motor Power

Changing Motor Direction with Space Bar Event

Loudness Controlling Motor Power:

Distance Controlling Color effect:

Distance Controlling Whirl effect:

Distance Controlling Pitch:

Alligator Motor Example:

Pico Cricket Projects

Movers and Shakers Project
Sound Reaction
Curious Creatures Project
Reaction Timer
Pickle Instrument (Resistance)

Light Sensor and Light Output Block Examples:

Light Sensor Controlling Motor:

Light Sensor Controlling Sound Output:

Light Output:

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