Ice Animation Explorers II
Science and Simulations! July 11th to 15th, 2011

Scratch Projects

Scratch Molecule Simulator Project


1. Has at least 10 molecule sprites.
2. Each molecule moves and bounces off edge and each other.
3. Each molecule moves faster and slower depending on the energy variable.

1. Molecules "stick" closer together when energy is lower.
2. Molecules move farther apart when energy is higher.
3. Label sprites show the states of matter (solid, liquid, gas) at different energy levels.

Detailed Directions for Molecule Project.

Orbit Simulator

1. Create a star and two planets using drawing function for solar system.
2. Two orbiting planets with different rates of rotation.
3. No planets collide with star or each other.

1. Create a moon that revolves around around one of the planets.
2. Use costumes to simulate planet rotation while orbiting star.
3. Use pen functions to trace planet and moon orbits.

Instructions for Orbit Project

Realistic Canon Project

1.  A Canon sprite that aims towards targets with user input.
2.  A "Canon Ball" sprite that the user "shoots" the canon and follows a parabolic path through the air.
3.  A target for the "Canon Ball" to hit.

1.  Give the user the ability to vary the power of the "Canon Shot."
2.  Provide other factors such as wind speed to alter the flight of the "Canon Ball."

Hint:  You will need to use the concept of "Gravity" and the "sin" and "cosine" functions to solve this challenge.

Sample Canon Sample

Sample Canon Scripts

Angry Kitty Project

1. Make a Sprite to act as the "Angry Kitty" that is drawn back by the mouse arrow and shot from a slingshot.
2. Use a pen to trace the path of the Kitty as it flies through the air.
3. Make a Target for the Kitty to hit.

Hint:  You will need to use the concept of "Gravity" and the "sin" and "cosine" functions to solve this challenge.

Angry Kitty Scripts

Line Following Simulator

1. Create a Sprite that follows a black line.
2. Sprite must not fall off line.

1. Create a Sprite that uses the pen to draw the black line.
2. Make the Line Following Sprite follow the Black Line Sprite.

Detailed Directions for Line Following.

Space Ship Project

Project Requirements:
1.  Create a SpaceShip that Simulates real movement in Space.
2.  Up Arrow provides Forward Thrust.
3.  Right and Left Arrows turn the Ship
4.  Ship can "Pass Through" edges of Screen.

Project Extras:
1.  Have the Ship shoot like "Asteriods".
2.  Add other ships. (Or Games like "Landing" or "Find the Space Station")

Detailed Directions for SpaceShip Project

Lego NXT Robotics Links

Lego Mindstorms NXT Robotics System and NXT-G Software

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Drive a Rectangle Instructions
Basic Line Follow Instructions
Sample Robot Projects
Advanced NXT-G Programming Ideas
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Worksheet for Turn Angles

Robot Building Plans

Simple Robot Building Plans: Basic Tri-Bot Version II (Michaud Design)
Michaud PenBot Building Plans
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Rattlesnake Plans
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Basic TriBot Inputs and Outputs:

NXT-G Sample Code:

Wandering Robot Program:

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