Ice Animation Explorers III
Music and Dance! July 18th to 22nd, 2011

Virtual Musical Instrument

1. Create a Virtual Musical Instrument that uses pitch or non-pitched sounds.
2. Users can click or press keys on the computer to activate the sounds.
3. Colorful and interesting User Interface that allows the user to select sounds.

1. Use Variables to allow user to select instrument or timbre/
2. Use costume changes to give feedback to user.

Detailed Instructions for Scratch Xylophone

Instructions for creating a Playback Xylophone

Dance Animation Project

Project Requirements:
1.  Identify form of "March from Nutcracker" using letters.
2.  Create a dance animation with Scratch or Alice that has at least 2 objects and movement methods for the A and B sections.
3.  Import music sound file into scratch and use broadcast commands to coordinate movement scripts with music.
4.  Save your work under "Lastname Dance Teachername."

Project Extras:
1.  Use at least 4 sprites and movement methods for A,B,C, and D sections.
2.  Create changing backgrounds or stages.

Sample Scripts for Dance Animation Project

Dance Animation

1. Must have 2 different dancers that use costume changes to simulate movement and dancing.
2. Must have music that plays while characters are dancing.
3. Must have a system where the user clicks on a green or red light sprites to start or stop the music and dancing.

1. Use photographs of yourself to create dancing sprite.
2. Add sprites that simulate colored lights changing on the dance floor.
3. Use different stages to change the setting of the dance floor.

Code samples for Red Light/Green Light

Project #18: Amplitude Simulation

1.  Create a "Tracer" Sprite that tracks across the screen left to right, stamping and drawing a line.
2.  Use the "loudness" sensor to use microphone input to show change in Amplitude as sound gets louder. 
(The wave will grow taller as sound gets louder.)

Code Samples and directions for Amplitude Simulator

Amplitude Simulator Sample (May not work within web Browser)

Scratch Drummer

Code Samples and directions for Scratch Drummer

Lego NXT Robotics Links

Lego Mindstorms NXT Robotics System and NXT-G Software

Introduction to MINDSTORMS NXT Programming System
2 Types of Turns: Swing and Point Turns in NXT-G
3 Types of Conditional Statements in NXT-G
Drive a Rectangle Instructions
Basic Line Follow Instructions
Sample Robot Projects
Advanced NXT-G Programming Ideas
Making MyBlocks in NXT-G"
Worksheet for Turn Angles

Robot Building Plans

Simple Robot Building Plans: Basic Tri-Bot Version II (Michaud Design)

Basic TriBot Inputs and Outputs:

NXT-G Sample Code:

Dance Moves:

Forward Back

Forward Back with Loop

Twist with Loop

Arc (Drive in a Circle)

Arm Swing

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