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Robot Training Course 2010

Course Dimensions and Elements: (Click for Larger Image)

Scoring Overview:

Robot Training Missions:
Mission Set One:  Go with Motor Blocks (Motor Blocks)
Mission 1: Go to "EndZone" and Back
Mission 2: Go to "EndZone" and then to "Hoop Line"
Mission 3: "EndZone" to "HoopLine" to "Intersection"
Mission 4: "EndZone" to "HoopLIne" to "Intersection" to "CenterBox"
Mission 5: "EndZone" to "HoopLine" to "Intersection" to "CenterBox" to SideBox"

Mission Set Two: Go, Wait, and Stop with Sensors (Using Wait Blocks)
Mission 6: TouchStop to EndZone
Mission 7: TouchStop around the Block
Mission 8: LightStop at EndZone
Mission 9: LightStop Around Small Block
Mission 10: UltrasonicStop around the Barrier.  (Don't Knock it Down!)

Mission Set Three:  Follow the Lines (Fast and Slow Line Follows)
Mission 11:  Slow Line Follow with Switch Block: "Intersection" to "HoopLine"
Mission 12:  Slow Line Follow with Loop that stops at Touch
Mission 13:  Slow Line Follow with Loop that stops at Ultrasonic
Mission 14:  Fast Line Follow from Intersection to Center Bock with Rotation Sensor
Mission 15:  Around the Diamond.  Intersection to Intersection

Mission Set Four:  Go and Get, Bring it Back
Mission 16:  Go and Get one Ball in Endzone.  Bring Ball back to Base
Mission 17:  Go and Get Three Lego Hoops in at "HoopLine".  Return to Base
Mission 18:  Go and Get Ball in Center Box.  Bring back to Base
Mission 19:  Go and Get Lego People in "MiddleBox."  Bring back to Base.
Mission 20:  Go and Get Ball in Center and Lego Hoops.  Bring back to Base.

Mission Set Five:  Go and Put
Mission 21:  Go and Get Lego Hoops and Put in Yellow Box Zone.
Mission 22:  Go and Get Lego Ball in Center and Put in Yellow Box Zone
Mission 23:  Go and Get Lego People and Put in Opposite Middle Side Box
Mission 24:  Combine Your Missions:  Try and Get Hoops into Yellow Box Zone and Put People in Opposite Box in one program
Mission 25:  Do Missions 21, 22, 23 in one program and have Robot finish in EndZone.

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