Balloon Pop Instructions:


Identify x and y directions on the Coordinate Plane.
Use Conditional statements to determine action and movement in simulation.

M5A1 Students will represent and interpret the relationships between quantities algebraically.
a. Use variables, such as n or x, for unknown quantities in algebraic expressions.
b. Investigate simple algebraic expressions by substituting numbers for the unknown.
c. Determine that a formula will be reliable regardless of the type of number (whole numbers or decimal fractions) substituted for the variable.

M5P4 Students will make connections among mathematical ideas and to other disciplines.
a. Recognize and use connections among mathematical ideas.
b. Understand how mathematical ideas interconnect and build on one another to produce a coherent whole.
c. Recognize and apply mathematics in contexts outside of mathematics.

M5P5 Students will represent mathematics in multiple ways.

M4G3 Students will use the coordinate system.


1. Start Scratch

2. Save Your work as "Lastname Balloon Pop"

3. Create and name the Following Sprites:


Name and Create the Balloon Scripts:

4.  Name your Balloon "Balloon."

5.  Drag a "repeat until" script into the Balloon Script area.

6.  Put a blue "change y by 10" into the "repeat until."

7.  Change the y to "-5"  (We want the balloon to fall down).

8.  Put a "wait 0.2" seconds block into the "repeat until."

9.  Put a "<" operator block into the hexagon of the "repeat until."

10.  Put a "y position" and a -175 into the "<".

11.  Double Click "repeat until" and test.  The Balloon should move to the bottom of the screen.

12.  We want to make the Balloon "hide" and then go to the top of the screen.  Add a "hide" beneath the "repeat until."

13.  Put a "wait" block on top of the "repeat until."

14.  Put a "pick random 1 to 3 seconds" inside the "wait" block.

15.  Put a blue "go to x: y: " block beneath the "wait."

16.  Put a "pick random -240 to 240" in the x value.

17.  Put  "141" value in the y.

18.  Put a "switch to costume" block beneath the "go to x: y:"

19.  Put a "show" block beneath the "switch to costume."

20.  Put a "forever" around the entire Balloon Scripts.

21.  Connect a "When Green Flag Clicked" to the top and test by clicking on the Green Flag.

Name and Create the Arrow Scripts

22.  Click on the Arrow Sprite.  Name it "Arrow."

23.  The Arrow Scripts are very much like the Balloon, except the Arrow y value changes in the positive direction because the Arrow moves up.  Put the following scripts in the Arrow:

24.  We want the Arrow to move when Space Key is pressed - so add a "when space key pressed" to the top of the arrow script.

Name and Create the Wizard Scripts:

25. The Wizard moves side to side (x axis) with the Mouse.  Add the following scripts to follow the mouse x:

Make the Balloon React to the Arrow:

26.  Until now, the Balloon has no idea the Arrow exists.  We have to tell the Balloon to watch for the arrow.  Add a "touching Arrow" block beneath the Balloon Scripts.

27.  Put a green "or" block beneath the Balloon Scripts.

28.  Put the "touching Arrow" in the first space in the "or" block and the "y position<-175" in the second block. 

29.  Put that "or" block back into the "repeat until."

30.  Add an "if " block beneath the "repeat until."

31.  Put a "touching Arrow" inside the "if"

32.  Create different costumes for your balloon.  (To simulate it popping)

33.  Add the following scripts inside the "if " statement.

Test and Make more balloons:

34.  Click the Green flag and test.  Correct any issues and make more balloons.  Copy the original balloon script into these balloons.

35.  Save your work!