Scratch Polygon Project Rubric:

    1. Does not Meet the Standard:

2. Meets the Standard

3. Exceeds the standard

User Interface
User cannot change variables in program without directly manipulating code.  No user control buttons.
User has at least 2 control buttons to change variables in program. User has buttons to start and stop the drawing of shapes.
User has more then 3 control buttons to change variables in program.
Buttons provide user feedback through costume changes.

Program Code
Hard to follow. 
Sprites not labeled. 
Verbose and not efficient.  No use of variables.
Sprites Labeled and code easy to follow.  
Uses at least 2 variables. Uses "Broadcast" function at least 2 times. 
Accomplishes task with less minimal code. 
Uses more than 3 variables. 
Uses more than 3 "Broadcast" functions.
Execution of Program
Does not execute or only is able to draw one type of polygon.
Program executes with minimal errors.  Can draw at least 2 polygons and allow user to vary the size and number of sides.
Program executes with no errors. 
User can draw any type of polygon of any size.