Fine Arts Technology Program

Technology Links for Marist School

Detailed MusicTech Lesson Plans

Student Technology Links:

Drawing and Painting
Text, Presentation,
Web Design
Scratch Programming
Mindstorms NXT Robot Links
3D Animation Program
Power Typing
Online Drawing Online Rich Text Editor Scratch Programming Projects
Introduction to MINDSTORMS NXT Programming System
Alice Lesson #1
Touch Typing
Online Painting Word Processing Projects
Scratch for Elementary
2 Types of Turns: Swing and Point Turns in NXT-G
Alice Lesson #2
Home Row Drill
Pattern Blocks
Presentation Projects
Basic Scratch Command Scripts 3 Types of Conditional Statements in NXT-G Alice Lesson: Dancer
Typing Lessons Online Painting Exercises Spreadsheet Projects Scratch Line Follower Instructions Sample Robot Projects Alice:
Vehicle Movement, Camera Operation, Loops, and Events
Typing Games from Learning Games for Kids

Nebo Network News Slide Samples
Scratch and Lego We-Do Projects
Simple Robot Building Plans:
Basic Tri-Bot
(Michaud Design)

Setting Poses: La Raspa Dance

(Copyright friendly images for school use)

Creating a Website with Google Sites
Nebo Student Scratch Creations
Robot Training Course 2010
Alice: Aiming and Projectiles:
Events, Methods, and Properties

Using GIMP to chroma key a picture file.
Advanced Scratch Projects
Simple Robot Building Plans: DomaBot Alice: Threshold and Conditional Statements

Shape Patterns Activity

Simple Robot Building Plans:
Alice Simple Throwing Game

Gimp Lesson #2

Robot Ideas and Plans from Sample Hunting Simulation in Alice

Video Tutorials for NXT-G Programming Language

Nebo First Lego League Teams DolphinBots and Middle School Team

Text based Programming with NXC

Comparing NXT-G, NXC, Python, and Scratch Robotics Commands.

Simple Robot Pi Worksheet

Robot Pi Worksheet 2

Fun with Python: more Python-Turtle Functions

Myro Dancing Lesson with Python Programming

Football Factory Links for Bridge-Gap

PID and Line Following for NXT-G

App Inventor Lessons:

Android Java Lessons:

Python Programming Lessons and Resources:

Greenfoot and Java Programming Lessons:

Introductory Lessons:

Detailed MusicTech Lesson Plans

Study Guide for Tech Challenge

Approved Websites for ASP:

Tech Fair 2009 Letter

Technology Training Links:

Technology 1: Introduction to File Systems, Basic Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Movie Maker.

Technology 2: Digital Photography and Basic Web Design.

Technology 3: Excel, Frontpage, Scratch and Open Source Software.

Technology 4: Intermediate Microsoft Word, USB Devices, LCD Projectors and Sound

Websites for Music Programs Presentation

Performance Matters Training for Teachers 2007

iSchoolDistrict Web Page Training 2008

Free and Open Source Software:

Presentations by Mr. Michaud and Nebo Fine Arts Technology

Nebo Fine Arts Technology Students Present at the GaETC 2008!

GaETC 2007: Teaching Students to Program with Scratch

GaETC 2008: Teaching Programming and Computer Science with Scratch

GaETC 2008: Teaching Programming and Computer Science with Alice

GaETC 2009: BYOL Sessions on Scratch and Alice

NECC 2008: Using Scratch to Teach Programming at the Elementary Level

NECC 2009 Session Information Alice and Scratch

ISTE 2010 Robotics: Making Computer Science and Engineering Come Alive!

GaETC 2010:  BYOL Sessions on Scratch and Robotics

GaETC 2011: Session: 260 Space and Gravity Simulator - Spaceflight, Mathematics and Computer Science with Scratch!

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