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Inserting Pictures from the Internet

Remember that if you use pictures from the internet for projects, you must include Bibliographic information where you found the picture.  Copying pictures from the internet and not giving credit is stealing and not acceptable for academic work. 

A good website for free copyright friendly and school friendly pictures is:

Be sure to give credit when using pictures from any website.

I will give two sets of directions, one for Windows type software and one for Linux/OS X. 
  • In general, in Windows you can use Copy and Paste to transfer pictures. 
  • In Linux and OSX it is better to save the picture as a file and then use "Insert->Picture" from the menu bar. 
  • If you are creating web pages with your picture, you must save the picture to the same directory as the .html file that holds your web page.  (This will make things easier later!)

1. Find the picture you wish to copy or save.

2. Follow directions below:

Linux / OS X (Also works with Windows)
1. Right Click on the picture you wish to copy.
1. Right click on the picture you wish to copy.
2. Select "Copy" from the Pop-Up Menu.
2. Select "Save Image As." 
(Sometimes it is "Save Picture As."
3. Navigate to the document where you want to put the picture.
3. Navigate to your directory and name the picture.
4. Select "Edit->Paste" from the menu bar.
4. Select "Save."

5. Go to the document where you want ot put the picture.

6. Select "Insert->Picture->From File" from the menu bar.

7.  Navigate to where you saved the picture.

8.  Click "OK" or "Insert" depending on the software.

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