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EarSketch Project Description

EarSketch is a National Science Foundation funded project through the Georgia Institute of Technology. The EarSketch program works to teach Computer Science Concepts through the remixing of musical sounds using the Python programming language and REAPER Digital Audio Workstation. In addition, there will be a social network web site where EarSketch users can upload and share their music remixes and work with the remixes of others. At the completion of the project, EarSketch will be available for download and use in Computer Science and Music Technology Classrooms. For more information, go to the EarSketch website at earsketch.gatech.edu.

ISTE 2015 BYOD Session: Computational Music Mixing with Python and EarSketch
Workshop Presentation

Lessons and Directions

Mixing Music with Python and EarSketch

Directions by Activity

A and B Section Practice
makeBeat() and for Loops Practice
Defining Functions Practice
Defining and using Lists in Python
Using Effects with EarSketch

EarSketch Website

EarSketch Website

GaETC 2012 Workshop Evaluation

Workshop Evaluation

Summer Camp 2013 Links

EarSketch Summer Camp Week 1 Instructions
EarSketch Summer Camp Week 2 Instructions

Summer Camp 2012 Links

EarSketch Summer Camp Directions 2012

Directions for Editing Recorded Sounds for use in EarSketch remixes.

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