EarSketch: How to Record and Edit Sounds for Remixing

Note: This tutorial is designed for the Summer Camp Laptops. You will need to adjust for your own computer file system.

1. Insert a new track and click the Small Red button on the Track Control Site to arm for recording.

2. Click the Record Button (Red Circle in Playback area) to begin recording.

3. When finished, click stop button.

4. Save the Reaper Project.

5. Trim off the sections of the recording you do not want. (Silence, extra sounds)

6. Match the Tempo of the REAPER project to the recording.

7. Time Select 1, 2, 4, or 8 measures of your recording.

8. Select File -> Render.

9. Make sure to select "Time Selection." Browse to your "My Documents" folder.

10. Name and Click Render.

11. Find the .wav file in the "My Documents" folder and copy the file location.

12. In python - assign a variable (Ex myPiano) to the file location of the .wav file.

13. Test the variable and the tempo by using insertMedia() or fitMedia().

14. Have fun remixing!

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