Essential Scratch Programming Blocks

Dimensions of Stage:

X Range:  -240 to 240
Y Range: -180 to 180

Motion Blocks:

Turn Block:
 Rotates Sprite by degrees

Glide to X, Y: 
"Slides" Sprite to new X and Y position on the stage.

Move and Turn: 
Move pushes the sprite forward in the direction it is pointing.

Visual Blocks:


Changes the Size of the Sprite

Change Effect: 
Changes Visual effects on Sprite (Color, whirl . . .)

Stamp / Clear: 
Stamp will leave an imprint of Sprite on the Stage.  Clear will clear the stage of all pen and stamp markings.

Math Blocks:

Random Number: 
Picks a random number in the range specified

Control Blocks:

When Key Pressed: 

Starts action or stack when a key is pressed on the computer.

Repeat Block: 
Does actions inside block a specified number of times.

Forever Block: 
Repeat actions inside block until program ends.

Example Scripts:

Spin Around

Make a Circle

Glide with Random

Circle with Stamp

Spinner Art Scripts

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