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Robotics: Making Computer Science,
Engineering, and Math come Alive!

Workshop Presentation
Workshop Handout

RobotC and VEX Lessons and Resources

RobotC Lessons

Lego Mindstorms NXT Robotics System and NXT-G Software

Introduction to MINDSTORMS NXT Programming System
Introduction to Robotics Handbook
2 Types of Turns: Swing and Point Turns in NXT-G
3 Types of Conditional Statements in NXT-G
Drive a Rectangle Instructions
Robot Rectangle, Maze #2, and Maze #1 Diagrams
Robot Navigation Worksheet
Basic Line Follow Instructions
Slope and Sound Project
Sensor input to Sound output samples
Sample Robot Projects
Advanced NXT-G Programming Ideas
Making MyBlocks in NXT-G"
Worksheet for Turn Angles
Spinner Art and Drawing Robot Plans and Directions

Video Robot Lessons

Drive a Square
Dark Stop
How to Make a My-Block in NXT-G

Robot Training Courses

Robot Training Course 2010

Robot Training Course 2011

Robot Training Course 2012

Traffic Passenger Course and Challenge

Android Remote Control and NXT Directions and Mission 2013

Robot Building Plans

Simple Robot Building Plans: Basic Tri-Bot (Michaud Design)
Simple Robot Building Plans: Basic Tri-Bot Version II (Michaud Design)
Basic Robot Platform Version III
4 Wheel Drive Robot with Light Sensor
Traffic and Passenger Pickup Robot Plans
Traffic and Passenger Robot Detailed Plan for Arm and Wiring
Michaud PenBot Building Plans
Michaud PenBot II Building Plans
Spinner Art Robot
Robot Arm Plans
Robot plans from

NXT-G Language Tutorials and Ideas

Video Tutorials for NXT-G Programming Language
PID Line Following and Lego Robotics
Comparing NXT-G, NXC, Python, and Scratch Robotics Commands.

Other Worksheets
Simple Robot Pi Worksheet
Robot Pi Worksheet 2

RobotC and Lego NXT Tutorial

Presentation: Overview of RobotC with Lego NXT
RobotC Setup Screencast for Lego NXT
Introduction to RobotC and Lego NXT: Autonomous Programing

RobotC and Tetrix Tutorial

Introduction to RobotC and Tetrix: Autonomous Programing
Printable Tutorial for RobotC and Tetrix: Autonomous Programming

Introduction to RobotC and Tetrix: Remote Control Programming

NXC and Lego Robotics (Free Text Based Programming Language and IDE)

NXC and Lego Robotics(Free Text Based Programming Language)
NXC Programming Lesson Sequence with "PenBot"
NXC Robotics Musical Instruments
NXC Robotic Animals

Python and Robotics
Fun with Python
Myro Dancing with Python Programming

Other Robot Systems for Education:
Pico Crickets:
We Do Robotics (Lego):
Lego NXT-G:
Tetrix (Lego and Pitsco):

Nebo FLL Links

Nebo's First Lego League Teams Compete at Gwinnett Open FLL Robotics Tournament!
First Lego League Robotics Team: 2010-2011 Season Information Sheet
First Lego League 2010-2011 Sign Up Form
Nebo FLL Team Practice Missions 2010 Session #1
Body Forward® Robot Game and Project Information Page resources for FLL® Challenge 2010

3476 Nebo Bionic Dolphins (Brain)

4899 Nebo Lego LifeSavers (Heart)

4899 Lego LifeSavers Website

4900 Nebo Medicine Machines (Hand)

7149 Nebo DoctorBots (Lungs)

Robotics Workshops by Mr. Michaud

ISTE 2011 Workshop: Introduction to Classroom Robotics: Computer Science in Motion (SUP245W)

Workshop Presentation
Workshop Handout

Robotics in the Classroom: Making Computer Science and Math Come Alive!: GAETC 2010
Robotics: Making Computer Science and Engineering Come Alive! ISTE 2010: Denver, Colorado

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