Steps to access your online file area at
and publishing your website to the Internet:

Logging into your Online File Area

1.  Go to
2.  Type in your ptech log-in name (ex: ptech21)

3.  Enter your ptech password.  Click "Submit"

Your file area should look like this:

Icons on Toolbar:
a.  Upload Function: Used to transfer files to your online file area.

To Upload a file:

Uploading takes the file from the computer you are sitting at and saves it to the server.  Once you upload a file you can access it from anywhere you have an internet connection.

1.  Click on Upload Icon

2.  Left Click "Browse"

3.  Navigate to the file you want to upload

4.  Click "Open"

5. Click "Accept"

The file will now transfer to the Online File Area  at the server.  You should see the file available:

This is where you upload all your files from your "Web Page" folder to the internet.  You should upload the following files:
  • index.html
  • centers.html
  • studentwork.html
  • currentevents.html
  • all picture files

Once you have uploaded all your files, you should see your Web Site at:
  • (your ptech log-in)

To Download a file:

Downloading a file transfers it from the server to your computer.  Why download a file?  You might want to edit the file to add information or change the content. Once you edit the file, you will re-upload the file to to update.

1.  Log into
    (Use your ptech user name and password)
2.  Click on the download icon

3.  Click "Save"

4.  Navigate to where you want to save the file (usually your home directory)

5.  Click "Save"

6.  Click "Open"

You now have your file open for editing.  After you have made your changes, you need to:

1.  Save the file on the local computer.
2.  Upload the file back to the Nebomusic Online File Area.