Nebo Elementary School
Department of Fine Arts

Technology For Paraprofessionals 3

Using Formulas and Cell Formatting in Microsoft Excel
Using Tables and Embedded Objects in Web Pages
Creating Simple Video Games Using Scratch
An Introduction of Open Source software for the classroom

Introduction and Overview

Detailed Instructions for:

Excel Exercise 1: Graphing M and M's
Excel Exercise 2: Making a Temperature Graph
Excel Exercise 3: Making a Check Register
Excel Exercise 4: Making an IEP Goals Worksheet
Excel Exercise 5: Making an automated schedule

Frontpage Exercise 1: Making a basic 3 column Table.
Frontpage Exercise 2: Using a Table template.

Scratch Exercise 1: Creating a Sprite and making it move about the screen.
Scratch Exercise 2: Making a Sight Word Game

Introduction to Open Source Software in the Classroom

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