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Word Processing Projects

Microsoft Word and Open Office Text are designed to present ideas and communicate on paper.  Word software can edit text, graphics, and hyperlinks. 

Project #1. Write a letter in standard letter format

Objectives: Simple paragraph formatting. Identify when to use space bar and when to use "return."

1. Letter must have address of sender and receiver in proper format.
2. Have at least 3 paragraphs
3. Have a signature line.

Sample Letter Format

Project #2: Paragraph with Picture

Objectives: Write simple paragraph using proper capitalization, punctuation, and spacing.
Insert graphic created with another painting program.

Project: Write one paragraph using Open Office Text about what animal the student would wish to be.  Create a picture using TuxPaint and insert picture using screen capture program.

Process: (Open Office, TuxPaint, and KSnapshot)
1. Read book Alexander and the Wind Up Mouse by Lio Lionni.
2. Brainstorm about what type type of animal they could wish to change into.
3. Start Open Office.
4. Select File->New->Text Document.
5. Type a paragraph about wishing to be your favorite animal.
6. Save the paragraph in your File Area.
7. Start TuxPaint.
8. Create a picture of your favorite animal.
9. Take Screenshot of Picture:
    a.  Press "Print Screen" button. (Starts KSnapshot program)
    b.  Click "Region"
    c.  Mouse will change to a "plus" sign.
    d.  Click and drag to select your picture.
    e.  Click "Copy to Clipboard."
10. Go to the Text document.
11. Select "Edit->Paste" to put your picture into your text document.

Project #3: Lists and Directions with auto numbering and bullets

Objectives: Use auto-numbering for sequential directions in a recipe or driving directions.
Use center function for title.

Type a recipe or driving directions in Word or Open Office.  Be sure to have a centered title and a numbered list in your document.

1. List must have at least 5 ingredients or direction changes.
2. Must use the auto-numbering function to number the steps.
3. Must have a centered and Bold Title with a different font size.

1. Select a recipe or location.
2. Write in your "Idea Book" a rough copy.  Make sure to number the sequence of steps.
3. Type your sequence into Word or Open Office
  • Type each direction in one line.  Press "return" after each step
  • After all the steps are finished, highlight the sequence and select "Format-Bullets and Numbering" from the menu bar. 
4. Go back and insert the title above the first line.  Use the center icon to center the title text.  Use bold and text size to make it larger.

Project #4: Poetry - Using Tabs

Objectives:  Use tabs and other text format effects to create a poem.

Project: Students re-create a poem they wrote in class with Word or Open-Office.  Students use text format effects to highlight the ideas in their poems.  Students also add pictures from internet or pictures they draw to poem text.

Project #5: Posters / Invitations -> Come to My Birthday Party!

Objectives: Use drawing, Word Art, and alignment tools to create an invitation.

Project:  Create a one page flyer invitation to your birthday party.  Make sure it has:
Who the Party is for
What you will be doing

1. All text will be centered in the document.
2. Word-Art will be used as least 2 times in the flyer.
3. At least 1 graphic, clip art, or picture will be included with the text.
4. There will be a border around the flyer.

Sample Flyer by Kaylyn N.

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